Things that are Worth the Effort

Ok so to counteract my “I dont give a crap” post yesterday ..let’s talk about the things that are important and worth all the effort you’ve got to give to them. There are a lot of things I’ve discovered in time that take a lot of effort, some worth more than others. But if it’s worth it then it is definitely worth the effort. 

Let’s start with family. You’re family is always worth the effort. {I say always with open interpretation}. I’ve been blessed with a great family both biologically, in laws, and on my step dad’s side. Now I’ll be honest, there are people in my family that I don’t care much for because they are just not good people. My honest opinion is if they are toxic to you and your life then they are not necessary in your life and therefore love them because they are your family but don’t let yourself get wrapped up or stuck on them. They aren’t worth the effort. Family is more than blood. It’s about what they mean to you in your life and how much they can make your life better. {no I dont mean they buy you a bunch of stuff so they are awesome ..I mean they love you and care about you and truly make you happy simply by being in your life}. Family is worth the effort.

Friends. True friends are 100% worth the effort. My friends are like family to me. I don’t know what I would have done without them all these years. I’ve been through good and bad times. I’ve been a shoulder to cry on for them as they have been for me. I’ve held their hand during hard times just as they have done for me. I have memories that will be with me forever, and still make me smile daily because of these people. They mean the world to me and I love them like family. They are absolutely worth the effort. 

Hard work is worth the effort. Early bird gets the worm right? I am a naturally lazy person and I won’t deny that a day in my life. I’ve attacked jobs and school with laziness and watched myself fail. I’ve learned the hard way that when you put in the effort and truly give your all, hard work does pay off. I went from having  a new job every 6 months to having a great job for 3 years. I only left that job because of a pending move across the country otherwise I’d still be there now. In grade school sometimes I did good and other times were just a joke. I was never an outstanding student …until I went to college. This past November I received my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice after 4 years of dedication and constant hard work. I graduated with a 3.59 gpa and never in my degree program did I receive a grade lower than a B. Hard work does pay off as long as you have a goal in mind.

Life is hard and no matter what you do or try it will throw rocks in your way. But life is worth the effort. The struggles are worth it because they truly teach you how to be a better person, a stronger person. I would not be the woman I am today without my struggles. It’s about embracing everything in life good and bad and working hard to make sure life is worth it!

Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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Weekly Photo Challege: Object

At the time I dont know what I loved more …my hat or my margarita! haha I took this picture while I was at Stagecoach in 2010. I feel that it truly embodies the country scenery of Stagecoach.

Country is Country wide

Things I’ve Stopped Caring About



From my teenage years up through the first handful of years in my 20’s I spent so much time caring about so many stupid things that I forgot what was important and what wasn’t. I’ve always been the type of person to over think every little thing…. literally EVERYTHING and far too often I’ve let that consume me. It took a lot of life lessons and self talks to decide what was important to care about and what wasn’t. 

For instance ..peoples opinions of me. Now why the hell should I care what someone thinks about me if they hold no importance in my life. Some random stranger in a store, bar or restaurant … it makes no sense. But I did. I cared so much. I wanted every one to think I was a badass, and pretty and funny and all those other things. I put in so much effort to wear the right outfits, put on all my makeup and do my hair. No matter where I was going. I made sure I was standing with the right people. It wasn’t so much about wanting attention as much as wanting reassurance that I was all those things I wanted to be. I still need and want that reassurance but not from just anyone. The important people in my life (family and close friends) are really the only opinions that matter to me.

I’ve stopped caring if everyone around me thought I was attractive. I still have my moments when I feel ugly so I want everyone else to think I’m pretty so it can put my confidence back up. But more often than not these days, when I go to the grocery store or to run a couple quick errands…. you’ll be lucky if I put on jeans instead of sweats and actually do my makeup. I want to workout and get fit and be pretty for myself and my husband. That’s it. Everyone else can go right ahead and form their opinion then move along with it. Why should a strangers opinion tell me what I am or am not.

I’ve stopped caring if my choices are socially acceptable to everyone else. Ok so I have a shit ton of dogs …I have even more tattoos and I’m an educated woman who like to say Fuck …so be it! Does that hurt you in any way ..nope ..didn’t think so. Why should I care if you dont like it or dont understand it? I dont. Sure I’m not going to go out of my way to curse like a sailor in front of you and your family because I know if makes you uncomfortable. But I am also not going to pretend that I’m someone I’m not. 

All in all I’ve just stopped caring about other peoples opinions of me. Unless you are interviewing me for a job ..I do not care what you think about me. Sure I want everyone to like me but I’m also adult enough to realize and accept that not everyone is going to like me and that is just fine. The haters fuel my fire and drive me to continue growing and advancing in all aspects of my life. 

Bring it on! 🙂

Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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Three Things that are Constant


Three things that are constant …. hmm

New IPhones {and people’s ridiculous obsession with them}

My dogs licking everything {seriously it’s getting annoying}

Justin Bieber’s idiocy {explains itself}

Ok …Ok …. on a serious note. There are many things in this world that are constant — always moving and never ending. But I don’t think we really pay much attention to it or acknowledge it’s impact on us. Some of these things are …

Time — Time is always moving forward {never back} and it has no end. Even when we die, time will keep moving forward. Too often we sit around and “waste time” or misuse our time. We neglect to remember that time lost is time we can never get back. There are hours upon hours of my life I can look back on and think “hmm I could have used that time better.” It’s kinda depressing sometimes. Does that mean that sitting at home in your sweats eating a bunch of crap and watching horrible tv every now and then is a bad thing? NOPE! As long as it’s every now and then and not every day {shit, now I’m evaluating my life …there’s a lot of time being wasted}. At the end of the day {day = not constant though sometimes I wish there were more hours in a day} as long as we are truly enjoying our time and how we are spending it then it’s not being wasted. But make sure you are using it wisely because one day our time will end while everyone elses time keeps on going.

 Change — Yep definitely constant. Even if we dont see it everything is always changing. We are getting older, plants are going through their seasonal cycles, the sun is rising and setting, technology is advancing. No matter what we do everything is always changing. From changes so small that we dont even realize the change exists to changes so big that they change our lives forever. One thing that can be guaranteed is change. {and no I dont mean the change in your pocket. Though that would be nice} Our only job, adapt!

Growth — True story. I mean think about it. That great Oak is always growing bigger {unless its dying then it’s growth is going in the opposite direction}. We are always growing in some fashion …physically, mentally, emotionally! We need to stop thinking of growth as size and nothing more. Growth has many faces and all of them are constant. We are always learning new things, gaining new experiences. It’s how we use that growth and embrace it that matters. Fact is, physically we are always growing too. Think about it …we are constantly aging so our bodies are always growing older. This is not a bad thing. This is life. If you are happy then life is a success. Embrace your growth  ….whatever kind it may be.


Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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Childhood Memories …


Poofy Dresses. Man did I love those.

Sitting on my Dad’s back while he walked around like he was a horse.

Holidays at Grandma’s. She always had the best decorations.

Going school clothes shopping with my Mom. We always did some damage. -_-

One time I got my hand rolled up in the car window. I definitely freaked out as if I had broken my arm or something.

Playing with my Dogs.

Going camping and hiking with my parents.

Sitting and carving a stick into a spear or sorts. 

My Dad writing music and preforming with his band.

Grinding up acorns with Dad’s cool Indian tools.

Playing football with the boys in Elementary school. 

My seriously MESSY room.

My utter desire to have one of those Barbie cars you could ride around it ….never got one of those.

Playing with my Barbie …I had A LOT of those!


All in all, I had a pretty bad ass childhood. The teenage years are a different story. That’s when life started showing it’s true colors. I still had a great adolescence when you really get down to it though. I did a lot of fun things. But that’s for a different blog. I do miss my childhood though. Up until my dad passed away all I have is great memories of having lots of fun.

Oh to be a baby again ….

Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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The Power of Positive Thinking

{{new plan. Daily picture with the daily post. what do you think?}}

Anywho …

As a child I was very attached to my Father. I looked up to him, I admired him, I grew up to mirror so much I saw in him. I am truly the perfect mix of my Mother and my Father. It’s weird. haha Having lost my Dad when I was only 8 years old, I managed to hold on to several memories and lessons. One thing that my Father told me that I always remembered and think about often was …

If you think it and believe it, then that is the result you are going to get.

I’m sure I was throwing some sort of tantrum when he told me this {I was a very spoiled child to say the least}. But as I grew up and started to see all the things I didn’t see as a child, I realized that my Dad was absolutely right. A positive mindset leads to positive results just as a negative mindset will lead you into darker places.

My Mom told me the other day that I was wise beyond my years. I truly don’t think I am. I think I was just blessed to have two bad ass parents who taught me some awesome lessons.

However, in my life I have seen some dark places. I went through years of really bad depression and to be honest even today there are days where I fall back into that place ..I have flashbacks of those traumatizing times. But, with a lot of support and determination I was able to pull myself out of that hole and start to see things in a new light. I realized that if I took those bad situations and stopped letting them control me that I could then learn the lesson that was hiding behind them. I still wonder “Why Me” sometimes but at the end of the day I know that everything that happens to me is truly a lesson to learn and help me grow.

It’s the same with goals and bucket lists. I say I may never do these things because of time and money or whatever but the reality is, I know somewhere in my head that if I truly want it …I’ll do it. It’s about making it happen instead of making excuses as to why it cant or wont. 

If you want to go to the gym and lose 50 pounds …DO IT! Dont make excuses or try and think of all the reasons why you may not be successful. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!!! Just get off your hind end and do it. Simple as that.


Now to take my own advice -_-  

Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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Things I should do but probably never will …

We’ll call this my dumped out bucket list. There are a lot of things in life that I want to do, should do, am determined to do ..but lets be real here, I am not going to do half of them I’m sure. Time and money just aren’t working in my favor here. If I have time I don’t have money and of course if I have money I don’t have the time. Yay vicious cycle! 

So here’s a list of things I should do and want to do but probably never will.

Start a photography business –I really want to do this but I just don’t have the time to research and truly learn all the fundamentals. I’m good at picking up a camera and taking a great picture. But I feel like there’s more to it than that. IDK, maybe one day I’ll do it. { -_- }

Visit all 50 states — ok I would absolutely love to do this just to see the variety of life and scenery in this country. But who has the time for that? NO ONE! Let alone the money. Pshh …I wish!

Visit all the Military Memorial sites in the USA {ex: Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor} –Oh my how I would love to do this and truly see the history in the soil of this glorious country. But I just do not have the money for it, or time. I’m sure I’ll see a couple of them but unfortunately not all of them. 

Seriously deep clean my house –Ain’t nobody got time for that …

Learn to crochet a blanket –I am just way to impatient. I want something I can do and be done with quickly. On that note …

Stop being in such a rush –I want everything to happen NOW. That’s how I got into this being an adult mess. If I would have chilled out I wouldn’t have rushed into being an adult so quick. This shit is crazy. No one told me being an adult would suck most days ..oh wait …yes they did -_-

Learn another language –I tried sign language and that didn’t go well. Idk what my deal is. I just cant focus and I can’t memorize things for the life of me. 

Oh man, the more I write, the more I want to kick myself in my own ass. haha I think it is time to seriously write a bucket list and make sure that no matter what, I go through with everything. We only get one life. It is up to us to make the most of it and truly live.


Thanks for being a part of my journey, 

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