First Blog. Ever. We’re all in this together!

So this is blogging huh. I guess I may as well just jump in head first with no helmet. This is going to turn into a ramble I just feel it! haha

Well lets be real here. The best thing to do is explain why I’m here and what this blog is all about. I’ll get to the talking about myself stuff later. This blog is a piece of me already that much is for sure.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never had the guts to do it. I figured if I didn’t have a set theme no one would be interested. Well fact is, in time, I have learned that I am good at a lot of things but not great at anything ….except for being me! So thus, a blog in the life of ….

Where do we go from here you ask? Well my plan is to post every day for the next 30 days {sorta a 30 day blog challenge kinda thing}. Each day I will take a question/prompt and talk about it. This way you get to truly know who I am all while I figure out this blogging mumbo jumbo. Plus I figure head on consistency is the best way to get into the flow and habit of regular blogging. So thus, 30 days of me! 🙂 Can’t get much better than that if I do say so myself! haha

Ok about me. {aside from popular belief} I am someone who has been through A LOT and overcome even more. I have been told before that I am great and hiding the darkness that I hold inside sometimes. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a dark and miserable person. But like I said, I’ve been through a lot. I just choose to stay on the up and up and try my best to stay positive. The experiences I’ve had account highly to dealing with a lot of death in my life… I mean A LOT. Because of these horrible times I have forced myself to figure out how to live through the best and worst of time all while holding my head as high as I can.

Yep, that’s enough of the deep stuff for now! 🙂

The basics …. well I am a 27 year old Cali girl. {I’ll be 28 in a couple weeks but shhhh} I was born in raised in good ol’ southern California. But I am now living in small town Bristol Tennessee with my husband. We’ve been married just over a year and a half. He was born in raised in this little town and when he retired from the Marine Corps we decided to head to the East. Do I love it? Some days. It’s been a hard transition to say the least. But I’m getting used to it. Things are slowly falling into place! YAY. I graduated in November with my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Not sure what the hell I’m going to do with it yet. But I’ll figure it out. Until then I’m just trying to get comfortable in this new state. I have aquired a gorgeous 4 year old Step Daughter. So this is definitely an adjustment. But this is my crazy life and as hard as it can be …I love it!

So …welcome to the life of Me ….PinkyLee {its an age old nickname in case you were wondering}



6 thoughts on “First Blog. Ever. We’re all in this together!

  1. Don’t know if u remember me, but ur mom & I worked together & had a lot of great talks/times. I know you’ve all been through alot & I am glad you’ve finally found your happiness. It’s nice to see you realize life, family &I even trials are a gift. I enjoyed your blog & look forward to your posts.

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