Happiness is an Inside Job

You choose your happiness ……

It’s a sound old saying that when I was dealing with some serious depression, I absolutely HATED hearing. I refused to believe that I could control my day and my emotions. Now let’s be real, this is not always the case and sometimes we just have bad days where we are stuck in a rut or there is something weighing on us heavily and that’s just how it’s going to be. But in time I realized that this is a saying that does not pertain to everything in everyday; it’s much broader than that.

Happiness is truly and inside job. We choose the life we want to lead and there will be bumps, mountains and oceans in the way. But if we jump, climb and swim there is nothing we can’t do.

This is a concept that was, and sometimes is still hard to swallow. Just today we got rid of one of our dogs. Not because we wanted to {ok my husband might have wanted to a little bit ;P } but for me, it was not something I wanted. I have a really hard time letting go of things. Maybe it’s because I’ve lost so many people and pets in my life that I’m just turned off to the idea of Goodbye. {I know this make no sense but I promise I have a point haha} While I sat here on the couch crying and loving on my other dogs, my husband had to pull me back into reality. He had to remind me that the house she’s going to be living in is a great place with much more room and individualized love for her. Now, we have multiple dogs and we love them all and shows them that as much as we can. But when you have 7 dogs it can be hard to spread the love evenly. So he had to remind me that she will be in a place where she is the center of attention and has a big yard to play in and the list goes on.

{update: she’s coming home. She was not a fan of the other dog in her new home so she’s coming back. YAY dont tell my husband how happy I am about this haha just kidding. I am excited to see her back home though. I love my little crazy}

Now you’re probably saying, hey Pinky …what the hell are you trying to say? Well, it’s easy …I sat there crying and miserable, hurting. But when I forced my focus to be on the positives {thanks to my husband not giving me any other choice} it made me feel so much better. Sure I’m still sad and I still hate that she’s gone. But, now I can smile and laugh and enjoy my day instead of dwelling. All I had to do was CHOOSE to see things differently. It’s hard sometimes but it’s necessary.

I’ve had to do this many times in life, as I’m sure we all have. But the one thing I have learned is we have to change our way of thinking if we ever want to succeed or surpass those hard times. Still hurts, still sucks, still want to kick and scream and throw and tantrum …but hey at least I can do it then laugh about it later.

With that said ….keep your heads up kids. This too shall pass. It has to because there’s nothing we can do to make time stop. Therefore we must always move forward.

Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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