Everything Happens FOR You Not to You

Everything Happens for you Not to you ….

Do you believe me? Yeah I question it sometimes too. Far too often I ask “why me” or “what did I do to deserve this”. Well truth be told looking back I know why. The answer is simple. Because it’s made me who I am. I wouldn’t be me without my emotional quirks or my fits of rage. I mean really. What fun would I be if I was always sunshine and rainbows? None! The fact is we are human and we are products of our environment and experiences. No this does not mean if you were born and raised in “the ghetto” your going to be a murderer or gang banger simply because of your community. What it means is we take our environment, whatever it may be, and we decide what we want to take from it. 

Ok so your from the ghetto. Cool. What are you going to do with that? Should I just assume you’re a bad person then …are you going to let it turn you into a life long criminal OR are you going to take it and see all the broken down buildings and homes, the people struggling and decide you want to do something to make a positive change? The choice is ours to make. Just because you were born into a rich family doesn’t mean you are going to live a successful life full of lavish things. We must take the opportunities we are presented and decide if they are going to make us grow or completely bury us in the shit hole they surround. 

We’ve all been through struggles and I can honestly say that some of mine have changed me for the worse and some for the better. For example, I have been cheated on and lied to in previous relationships and sometimes that can fall down on my marriage. This has caused some serious issues but it relationships it has taught me to be more observant and to truly stand up for myself. I appreciate the people who have come into my life and hurt me because it has showed me what to look out for and showed me the type of person  I never want to be or be around for that matter. 

We need to stop blaming other people, or our religion for our issues. I know people who have turned their back on God because something bad happened to them and trust me I understand. I have questioned it before as well. But when I walk outside and see the sun shining, the beautiful scenery of Northeast Tennessee and all the animals running around …how can I continue to question him or anything for that matter. The things and people I have lost broke me down to such a low but when I came out of that hole I was able to truly see the beauty and blessings around me and appreciate them so much more. 

It is all about seeing the silver lining. Morn, get angry, scream and yell …but then make it show you how to be a better version of you!


Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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