You dont have to like it.

You dont have to like it …

Far too often we try to impress others or we give in to peer pressure and pretend  we are into whatever crap everyone else is. Another way to explain this …simple …giving in to society and hiding who you are. Well that’s just crap if you ask me. If I hid who I truly am then how would people get to experience and enjoy my sarcasm and goofiness? They wouldnt and thats just sad! :p

Sure sometimes I still do it to avoid an argument or tension that is just not worth it. But at the end of the day, I am me. Take it or leave it kid. If you leave it then dont let the door hit ya on the way out. I’ll still be me tomorrow!

Some people like fish …I sure as hell dont.

Some people like rap …not my thing.

Some people like cats …Nope.

Some people like hunting …I think of Bambi and that makes me sad.

Some people like going to the gym everyday …I enjoy my lazy {sometimes}

Some people like watching Sponge Bob ..makes me want to drown myself {theoretically of course}

Some people like smart cars …I prefer to not die if I get in a car accident.

Catch my drift?

No one is wrong and just because millions of people like something doesn’t mean you have to. I have no problem voicing my opinion if I don’t like anything. My only advice …try everything once {as long as its not illegal and doesn’t hurt other people} try that nasty, slimy little fish on the plate. I did …once ….yep, I’ll still pass. EW. You’ll never know if you don’t try it. But don’t pretend to like something or force yourself to like it just to make other happy. If they aren’t happy that you are happy with being you, then they need hit the pavement… and don’t come back JACK! :p

Tis all for today. Until tomorrow.

Thanks for being a part of my journey, 

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