Beautiful Words


life words

This is a prompt that I find hard to write about. I find so many words to be beautiful because there are so many stories to tell and so many ways to tell them. How can I choose just a small list of words that define beauty in this world? We could take this so many routes. Roses are beautiful, Tigers are beautiful, Love is beautiful. All of these things are completely different and have such a unique beauty. 

 Words speak a million stories.

Music is powerful because it’s lyrics touch our souls. What are lyrics without words?

Marriage is a commitment of love spoken with a vow; our words of love and dedication.

Without these beautiful things our world would be a bland and dark place. We all use words to express our feelings no matter what the purpose or emotion behind them. The ability to communicate and share our stories is a beautiful thing.

Some words that I find to be amazing, powerful and beautiful are:







To name a few ….There are so many words we can use to show such an immense amount of emotion. But I also find it beautiful when someone simply expresses themselves with no walls, holding nothing back. No matter what words they are using. I tend to be a strong personality and use some choice words that others may not even have in their vocabulary. {I tend to have the mouth of a sailor from time to time} There are many people who express themselves through these types of words. How can we condemn them for expressing themselves in a way they are comfortable doing so? We can, but we shouldn’t. Who are we to tell people how they must act if they are not hurting anyone? It makes me sad to see people so closed off to things that are so irrelevant. 

We are a whole need to open our eyes, and our minds to things that may be outside of our comfort level. As a kid and teenager I did not like tattoos at all. I swore I would never get one, I just thought they were gross. My opinion. Well, 14 tattoos later …I am so glad I let go of that ignorant judgement. I truly found my way to express myself and find comfort in my own skin. No, this does not mean tattoos are for everyone and that is fine. But holding onto a stereotype should be for no one. 

Open you eyes to something new everyday and you will truly find beauty in things you once thought were ugly.

Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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