Childhood Memories …


Poofy Dresses. Man did I love those.

Sitting on my Dad’s back while he walked around like he was a horse.

Holidays at Grandma’s. She always had the best decorations.

Going school clothes shopping with my Mom. We always did some damage. -_-

One time I got my hand rolled up in the car window. I definitely freaked out as if I had broken my arm or something.

Playing with my Dogs.

Going camping and hiking with my parents.

Sitting and carving a stick into a spear or sorts. 

My Dad writing music and preforming with his band.

Grinding up acorns with Dad’s cool Indian tools.

Playing football with the boys in Elementary school. 

My seriously MESSY room.

My utter desire to have one of those Barbie cars you could ride around it ….never got one of those.

Playing with my Barbie …I had A LOT of those!


All in all, I had a pretty bad ass childhood. The teenage years are a different story. That’s when life started showing it’s true colors. I still had a great adolescence when you really get down to it though. I did a lot of fun things. But that’s for a different blog. I do miss my childhood though. Up until my dad passed away all I have is great memories of having lots of fun.

Oh to be a baby again ….

Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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