Three Things that are Constant


Three things that are constant …. hmm

New IPhones {and people’s ridiculous obsession with them}

My dogs licking everything {seriously it’s getting annoying}

Justin Bieber’s idiocy {explains itself}

Ok …Ok …. on a serious note. There are many things in this world that are constant — always moving and never ending. But I don’t think we really pay much attention to it or acknowledge it’s impact on us. Some of these things are …

Time — Time is always moving forward {never back} and it has no end. Even when we die, time will keep moving forward. Too often we sit around and “waste time” or misuse our time. We neglect to remember that time lost is time we can never get back. There are hours upon hours of my life I can look back on and think “hmm I could have used that time better.” It’s kinda depressing sometimes. Does that mean that sitting at home in your sweats eating a bunch of crap and watching horrible tv every now and then is a bad thing? NOPE! As long as it’s every now and then and not every day {shit, now I’m evaluating my life …there’s a lot of time being wasted}. At the end of the day {day = not constant though sometimes I wish there were more hours in a day} as long as we are truly enjoying our time and how we are spending it then it’s not being wasted. But make sure you are using it wisely because one day our time will end while everyone elses time keeps on going.

 Change — Yep definitely constant. Even if we dont see it everything is always changing. We are getting older, plants are going through their seasonal cycles, the sun is rising and setting, technology is advancing. No matter what we do everything is always changing. From changes so small that we dont even realize the change exists to changes so big that they change our lives forever. One thing that can be guaranteed is change. {and no I dont mean the change in your pocket. Though that would be nice} Our only job, adapt!

Growth — True story. I mean think about it. That great Oak is always growing bigger {unless its dying then it’s growth is going in the opposite direction}. We are always growing in some fashion …physically, mentally, emotionally! We need to stop thinking of growth as size and nothing more. Growth has many faces and all of them are constant. We are always learning new things, gaining new experiences. It’s how we use that growth and embrace it that matters. Fact is, physically we are always growing too. Think about it …we are constantly aging so our bodies are always growing older. This is not a bad thing. This is life. If you are happy then life is a success. Embrace your growth  ….whatever kind it may be.


Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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2 thoughts on “Three Things that are Constant

  1. Well put. All too many times life gets too busy & people tend to forget how fast time really goes by. I really realized how short life is after I lost my parents. Remember to enjoy & appreciate family, spouse & friends as tomorrow is promised to no one. Sometimes even when we have trials there’s usually a lesson to be learned. You also learn not to sweat the small stuff….worrying changes nothing but your hair to gray.

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