Things that are Worth the Effort

Ok so to counteract my “I dont give a crap” post yesterday ..let’s talk about the things that are important and worth all the effort you’ve got to give to them. There are a lot of things I’ve discovered in time that take a lot of effort, some worth more than others. But if it’s worth it then it is definitely worth the effort. 

Let’s start with family. You’re family is always worth the effort. {I say always with open interpretation}. I’ve been blessed with a great family both biologically, in laws, and on my step dad’s side. Now I’ll be honest, there are people in my family that I don’t care much for because they are just not good people. My honest opinion is if they are toxic to you and your life then they are not necessary in your life and therefore love them because they are your family but don’t let yourself get wrapped up or stuck on them. They aren’t worth the effort. Family is more than blood. It’s about what they mean to you in your life and how much they can make your life better. {no I dont mean they buy you a bunch of stuff so they are awesome ..I mean they love you and care about you and truly make you happy simply by being in your life}. Family is worth the effort.

Friends. True friends are 100% worth the effort. My friends are like family to me. I don’t know what I would have done without them all these years. I’ve been through good and bad times. I’ve been a shoulder to cry on for them as they have been for me. I’ve held their hand during hard times just as they have done for me. I have memories that will be with me forever, and still make me smile daily because of these people. They mean the world to me and I love them like family. They are absolutely worth the effort. 

Hard work is worth the effort. Early bird gets the worm right? I am a naturally lazy person and I won’t deny that a day in my life. I’ve attacked jobs and school with laziness and watched myself fail. I’ve learned the hard way that when you put in the effort and truly give your all, hard work does pay off. I went from having  a new job every 6 months to having a great job for 3 years. I only left that job because of a pending move across the country otherwise I’d still be there now. In grade school sometimes I did good and other times were just a joke. I was never an outstanding student …until I went to college. This past November I received my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice after 4 years of dedication and constant hard work. I graduated with a 3.59 gpa and never in my degree program did I receive a grade lower than a B. Hard work does pay off as long as you have a goal in mind.

Life is hard and no matter what you do or try it will throw rocks in your way. But life is worth the effort. The struggles are worth it because they truly teach you how to be a better person, a stronger person. I would not be the woman I am today without my struggles. It’s about embracing everything in life good and bad and working hard to make sure life is worth it!

Thanks for being a part of my journey,

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