My Beliefs ..



Ok first off ….Ghosts are real! I’ve experienced it for myself! I’m also pretty sure I saw a shadow figure cross through my bedroom once when I was living in San Diego. It creeped me out! But I love the idea of Ghosts and I want to travel around and find out more about them! {it’s currently a work in progress actually}

I believe that Atlantis is down there somewhere …

Aliens are visitors from another place. Now where in outer space they come from ..I have no idea! I don’t think they are living on any planets in our solar system though.

I believe we are all born innocent and free of all hate or deception. This is something we learn in time.

Spiders are out to kill me!

If I breath around food, I’ll gain weight {ok I dont actually believe that but sometimes I wonder -_- }

We work to much and live to little.

We are all kids at heart. Unfortunately some of us choose to lock that kid in a cage.

I am funny!! I make myself laugh all the time.

We can accomplish anything if we set our mind to it.

I dont care what you call him/her, there is a higher power that created this complex and beautiful world, universe …everything! There’s just no way in hell something so delicate and detailed just appeared. I mean really think about it.

Our country needs to pull its head our of its ass and make better choices …if you get what I’m saying. -_-

A lady bug landing on you is good luck.

A butterfly is also good luck!

When I see a Red Tailed Hawk it’s my daddy.

Wishing on a shooting star is also good luck.

I dont know how I feel about reincarnation. But I’ve had instances where I just wonder. Something is up that’s for sure.

There is definitely something else beyond this life. 


Yep …that about sums up my brain. I mean I know there is a lot more in there but I cant think of it all right now. So this will be the first of many random thoughts and beliefs to come.


Thanks for being a part of my journey,



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