Me. 2 years ago.


Well first off I’d like to point out that the world did NOT end! So that’s a bonus!

I also want to admit that while looking for that picture the first thing I typed was 2011 ….WTF! I cant even remember what year it is! I mean I’m no good at math but I definitely know my basics. Ugh, where has the time gone?

Ok so ….who was I 2 years ago? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve changed much at all. Sure a lot of things in my life have changed, but me as a person, no. I’ve chilled out a little bit but that’s just because situations have chilled out. So what are the differences?

I’m married. In February 2012 I was engaged and it had only been a couple weeks by this time. He proposed on 1/22/12.

I live in Tennessee in a big pretty house. At this time in 2012 I was just moving into an apartment in Oceanside CA with my {then} fiancee.

I am currently unemployed, but I do start my new job with ATT in March. After 8 long months of unemployment. But at this time in 2012 I was a Financial Adviser with Ashford University. I also think at that time I was still really enjoying my job. haha The burn out had not kicked in.

Other then that everything really hasnt changed much. Now if you ask me who I was 5 years ago ….that’s a different story all together. I was still going out to the bars every weekend, partying and living it up. Now I’m like an old lady and I never leave my house let alone go to a bar. Though I have to say, I am starting to get the itch to just go out and dance and listen to good music. I need a country bar STAT! haha

One thing is for sure, these next 2 years will be different. I am determined to grow and better myself. I am determined to grow and better my marriage and our life together. Last year was absolutely the worst year of my life for many reasons. It was just one bad thing after another. So the only way to go from here is straight up …and with a quickness! I’m excited to see what the next 2 years have in store. There is definitely a lot in the horizon and so many possibilities it is almost scary. So fingers crossed that those hopes and dreams pan out and life keeps moving on the up and up! I miss the old days a lot sometimes. But I love where my life is now and all the potential and possibilities it has to offer!


Thanks for being a part of my journey,



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