Someone I admire


Detective Jeremiah MacKay. EOW 2-12-13

It’s almost weird that this is the blog topic I had picked for today without even realizing it. I was just making a list and this one fell on this day. The 1 year anniversary of the murder of a hometown hero. 

MacKay was a deputy when I first met him many years ago. He worked at the Sheriffs Department with my mom. I remember him well. He was always such a nice guy and such an amazing Deputy. After working at the Sheriffs Department for I dont know how long, he left to work at another department then came back to our small town department again. I saw him a few times when he came back. I was living a few hours away from home so I didn’t really see any of the deputies that much. But I remember like yesterday when I went on a ride along and MacKay met us at a call and was cracking jokes the whole time. {obviously it wasn’t a very serious call haha} 

Most of you know MacKay without actually knowing him. Unfortunately you know him because of the horrible story that his name is now associated with. I don’t want to give name to the heartless scum bag that took his life and that of 3 others. So I will only say it once and leave it at that. He does not deserve the recognition. 

1 year ago, a rogue ex LA cop decided he had a vendetta. He was out to kill specific individuals but wrote in his long disgusting rant that he would kill any cop that got in his way. You all know him as Chris Dorner. People from my home town know his as the absolute piece of scum that he was. 

I dont feel the horrid details are necessary. But for your understanding of who Jeremiah is…. he was the Deputy killed in a shoot out with the nameless soul in Big Bear California. Shortly before the house this POS was in went up in flames, Which led to the final day of the search for his man. MacKay was an innocent man doing his job to protect the community from this monster and now he is gone. Left behind is his wife and adorable children.

This whole thing hit so close to home because I knew him. I had known him for years. But more so because he was my mom’s friend and the friend, brother, of all the deputies that I grew up with and I consider friends. It breaks my heart more than I can express. 

It is MacKay and those like him that I admire so much. 

The Deputies from Twin Peaks that I grew up with.

The Deputies and Officers everywhere.

Firefighters and Military. I have so many friends who are in these fields. 

These are true heroes. These are the people who deserve our respect and appreciation. 

These are the most selfless people in the world. 

My heart goes out to MacKay’s family and friends and the family and friends of the others lost in that week long battle. I am so grateful for them because on the day their lives were taken, they believed that our lives were more important then theirs. That is why they wore the uniform and did the job!

This is MacKay’s last call.

This is the facebook page in his memory


Rest in Peace Jeremiah!



Thanks for being a part of my Journey,


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