Something I Miss: Throwback Thursday Edition



First and foremost… I do not mean 90’s kid as in you were born in the 90’s. NOPE! That doesn’t cut it. I mean you were born in the 80’s and were actually a kid with thoughts and memories in the 90’s! If you couldn’t wipe your own back side then this isn’t relevant. haha


Fact: All of the above is true. In fact, I’m pretty sure I told my husband to go marry something the other day. Seriously!

And we did have the best cartoons. Today’s cartoons are horrible. What ever happened to Smurfs, Duck Tails, Doug, Rugrats, The Power Rangers ….and not these stupid Power Rangers that they have today. I’m talking Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! That was good tv!

Ohhh ..Oregon Trail. I’ll be real here, I’ve searched for it online several times in my adult years. Also, I remember I used to have this computer game where you were a Trucker and had to get to different locations through all kinds of weather and stuff. I do not for the life of me remember what it was called. But man did I love that game! And of course how can you forget Where in the World is Carmen San Diego!!! If you were a kid raised in the 90’s I dare you to say that without singing it! haha

One word: POGS!

Another Word: Marbles!

We gambled like high rollers when I was a kid! haha I still have my absurd amount of Pogs and Marbles tucked away somewhere.

And girls … You remember Lisa Frank! Dont even lie and say you dont! It was also huge to have Kaboodles and pens that were all decked out with feathers or fluffy stuff. And of course Spice Girls style platforms! I had this white pair that I LOVED. They were platform sneakers. Man I miss those shoes.

Oh the music ….I was a HUGE boy bands kinda girl. I was all about some Backstreet Boys, NSync, 98 Degrees, No Authority, 5ive ….yeah ….I was definitely a boy band fan! I had hundreds of posters and my bedroom was COVERED in them. I mean seriously covered! If I can ever find a picture I’ll show you. I wont lie, I still love that stuff. When Backstreet Boys and New Kids performed together I about lost it. I was screaming like a crazed fan girl. I did the same when NSync did their short performance with Justin a few months back. Pure bliss!

OMG and do you remember those big folder like things that when you opened them had a bunch of markers and paint and crayons and oil paint. Those things were the shit!! 


Cassette Tapes.

Slap Bracelets.



Skip It.

Game Boy.

Easy Bake Oven.

Need I really say more? I truly suggest if you are a 90’s kid. Just go google the 90’s or 90’s kid. It will take you back to all those amazing things we grew up with. I wish I could just buy all of it and store it away for my children and give it to them so they never know the crap that kids have these days! I want my kids to have awesome stuff like I did! I know some of these things are still around. But they aren’t the same as they were back then. They are all …..modernized. -_- ew! 

How’s that for a throwback? I miss those days!


Thanks for being a part of my journey,


2 thoughts on “Something I Miss: Throwback Thursday Edition

  1. We did have the best cartoons, toys and everything. When you think back to the 90s there was so much going on from boy bands, to movies, to technology advancing in from of our eyes. Those were some great years I’ll never forget. Great post! You can check out for nostalgia.

    • Thank you very much. I agree we had some awesome stuff. I mean today’s society is advancing but I don’t feel we are advancing as drastically as we did in the 90s. Plus we just had so many great things. Plus the ability to enjoy these things without being interrupted by the TV or Internet ..or afraid to go outside and enjoy it. It truly was a different time. One I miss very much and remember fondly. I’ll definitely check out that website. Sounds amazing! Haha

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