Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


Ok so this is not mine. But it is the exact one I have …just mine is much much much more worn out. Mine is all dirty and missing all his fluffy hair on the top of his head ..except a couple pieces. haha I would post a picture of mine but unfortunately he’s packed away right now. 😦

The reason this is so special to me is well, a very personal story.

My dad was murdered in 1994. The same year The Lion King came out. At 8 years old, having a parent murdered, you want to talk about feeling alone. Well, shortly after he passed I spent the weekend with my cousin. My uncles girlfriend at the time took us to a big toy store and told me I could have anything I wanted. It was her attempt to help make me feel better.

Out of all the toys, bikes, games in the store all I wanted was this stuffed animal. At 8 years old, Simba was my best friend. He understood me because his Daddy was murdered too. 

I have cherished this stuffed animal every since…. it will be 20 years this May that my dad has been gone. So for 20 years this stuffed animal has been my friend, my pillow, my tissue to wipe my eyes, my comfort …everything I’ve ever needed. I slept with him until I was honestly in my 20’s. He was always on my bed. Once I started accumulating dogs, he got put away because I was afraid they would destroy him and he is irreplaceable. 

It’s amazing how much one simple thing could mean to someone. 

Simba has always been a big thing for me. I even have a Simba tattoo. He will always be my comfort item. A reminder of my Daddy and that I am not alone. 

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