A time I felt most Beautiful


So there use to be a period of time where I was overwhelmed with confidence. I literally felt like I owned a place when I walked in. Not to the point of being conceited, but just genuinely confident in myself.

Those times have passed.

In the past couple years I have gained more weight then I would like to acknowledge. Not that I’m obese, because I’m not. But I am definitely not at my best. But I will get back there!!

However, shown above are pictures from the 2 times in my life that I felt absolutely unstoppable and gorgeous.

My wedding day in 2012.

And my Pin Up photo shoot in …I think it was late 2010 or early 2011.

My wedding day, as I have mentioned before, was perfect. I felt like an absolute belle of the ball. Beyond the obvious happy wedding things …I was just so happy and felt so good about myself. Sure I had gained a little weight and had to put that dress on with all I had ..but it truly was my perfect dress. Sure looking back I wish I would have done something different with my hair or makeup or whatever …but what matters is, when I looked in the mirror I felt absolutely beautiful! He might not admit it but, my husband teared up when he saw me. I saw the water in his eyes. I will never forget that moment. I know he thought I was beautiful to.

Then there was the day of my first photo shoot. That was a fun day. There’s nothing more a girl could ask for then being pampered and the absolute center of attention. I felt like a movie star. A couple of the scenes were in public places {an elevator shown above and a laundromat} everyone who walked by was starring and so curious and just watching. It was the scariest, most flattering, most exciting moment ever. Then seeing the final product ….amazing! I fell in love with “modeling” that day. I even considered getting an agent but I convinced myself I was both too short and too fat. -_-

But my husband bought me a killer camera. So when I get back in shape I’ll do another photo shoot ..instead of hiring a photographer this time, I’ll have my hubby do it. And instead of hiring hair and make up, I’ll do it! Not to at all take away from my photographer or hair/makeup artist from before …they were absolutely amazing. I’m just poor and now I live in a small town where the talent is seriously limited! One of these days when I have some extra cash I’ll hire a team again. It was such an amazing experience!

These are days I’ll never forget. Perfect days where I felt like a pampered princess. I’m just glad I have the pictures to remember it all by!


Thanks for being a part of my journey,



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