What takes your breath away? {Besides obvious things}


So sure there are a lot of things in life that are breathtaking. Some more obvious than others. Right now I want to take a better look at those things that are NOT as obvious. Things that you probably wont even notice unless you stop, listen to the silence and take it all in.

The sound of crickets. I know I know, call me crazy. But have you ever sat on your front or back deck on a warm night with your favorite drink and just relaxed and listened to them? It’s so calming. I absolutely LOVE sleeping with my bedroom windows open on summer nights so I can fall asleep to the sound of the crickets. Way better then some obnoxious TV show blaring in the background.

A sunset. They happen every day! Yet we generally miss them. I mean, why dont we take the few minutes out of our day to actually leave our house and go outside to enjoy this natural and beautiful moment? I have seen sunsets that were so amazing they left me speechless. Yet every day we get so wrapped up in routines and processes that we forget to go enjoy the simple things.

Fireflies. Let me tell you, since I was a little girl I have wanted to see a firefly. I remember going to Disneyland as a kid and going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, at the very beginning there are trees with fake fireflies scattered everywhere. I was amazed. As an adult I have several friends from the East Coast who I have asked about fireflies and what not. It wasn’t until last year after I moved to Tennessee that I finally got to experience them for myself. Up close they are the ugliest little bugs. But as they fly around and flicker their light, they truly add to the beauty of dusk. Plus, running around trying to chase and catch them just makes you feel so care free; almost like a kid again.

Fish. I dont know what my obsession is but I love fish. I could sit in front of a fish tank and just watch them swim around for hours. In fact I’ve done it. Don’t even get me started on zoo type aquariums with salt water fish and all different kinds of colorful fish. I’ve been to “The Aquarium of the Pacific” in California and I’ve been to the “Boston Aquarium” {I think that’s what it’s called}. They were both SOO different but absolutely amazing. I really dont know what it is about fish but they are such beautiful creatures.

A childs laugh. Children are just so innocent and un-warped by our society that their laughter is so genuine. My step daughter will break into this laugh when you tickle her, she can barely breath and it’s absolutely adorable. She’s just so carefree and happy. I cant even imagine when it’s your own flesh and blood. To see such an innocent little person be so happy, it’s breath taking.

Channing Tatum… do I really need to explain?

haha ok ok I’m kidding. Just trying to break up all the seriousness.

One of my favorite things is looking back at old pictures. It brings back so many great memories, and some hard ones as well. But there is nothing I love more that being able to sit down and go through old pictures from some of the greatest years of my life. Just last night a friend of mine posted a picture online of a house that our friends Dad used to live in before he passed. I have been a part of this group of friends for 10 years which means they’ve all been together 15+ years. But one thing we all have in common was great memories in that house. When I saw that picture I was absolutely flooded with memories, not just of the house but of those friends in general. Those were truly the best years. I miss those friends more than words can express and being able to look back and have those memories is amazing and honestly takes my breath away.

There are so many things in life that we are surrounded by that we just dont see or we forget to enjoy. If we all took a moment to step back and take it all in, you’d be amazed at how much happiness it could bring you. Life truly is about the little things. Our world is surrounded with amazing and beautiful things …trees, animals, lakes, the ocean … things we all need to enjoy for all they are worth. It is so simple to sit on our couch and watch tv, so why is it so hard for us to get up and go outside and enjoy nature? Fresh Air? Simple things? We just take it all for granted.

Go outside. Enjoy the little things!


Thanks for being a part of my journey,



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