The Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To

ImageSo to go with today’s theme, I want to talk about the most amazing concerts I have ever been too. Too start, I am a huge Avenged Sevenfold fan ..I have been for years. Their music is just genius and their lyrics are deep and truly speak to me. When I started making my own money, I started going to A7X shows. In fact, I went to every show they had in Southern California for a hand full of years. Every show was mind blowing. These guys, no doubt, know how to put on a show.

I went to a few shows where their opening band was Atreyu {also puts on a hell of a show} …as well as Hinder and Buckcherry. But there were 2 shows that will always stick with me.

First was a show that I actually wasnt sure I was going to make it too. I had no one to go with me and everyone who said they would, bailed! I almost didn’t go. In the process of getting there I kept getting lost and stuck in traffic. I no joke was about to turn around and go home. But, I refused to miss this show. It was the first show Avenged Sevenfold had played at home since the death of their drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. I was not going to miss this show. It was a big deal. They were also performing from their newest album which was in the process of being recorded when The Rev died. So it was huge. Needless to say, this was one of the most emotional and powerful concerts I could have ever dreamed of. I left that show nearly in tears. My emotions were high. It was just such a powerful experience. I remember when they released the backdrop that was a popular picture of The Rev hugging a couple of the guys. The entire crowd erupted and everyone pulled out their lighters and phones and started waving them around. It was amazing. I remember lead singer M. Shadows thanking everyone for coming and talking about how special that show was to them because of the significance. It was definitely a pull at the heart strings. I will never forget that show and I am so glad that I went. Even if it was by myself. {wasn’t the first show I went to alone}

The second show will always be one of my absolute favorites for a couple reasons. Another band that I am a huge fan of is Papa Roach. One day I remember sitting there having a conversation about bands and saying how much I wish Papa Roach and Avenged would play together but it would probably never happen. Well much to my surprise, a few months later, it was announced that they would be doing a hand full of shows together … but there was one 1 in Southern California …and it just so happened to be on my birthday! I sure as hell wasnt going to miss it ….and I didnt! My friend came with me and it was just such a blast. We were so close to the stage I swear I could have reached out and touched them. Both bands put on a killer show and made it a birthday to remember. Opening for Papa Roach and Avenged was Buckcherry and Hinder ….so yeah, it was definitely a hell of a show. All 4 of these bands are amazing and you can see their passion in the way they perform. Ive been to a lot of concerts and these bands are by far some of the best performers ever. Absolutely amazing!

I was raised with music. My dad was a musician. So music is a huge part of me. I connect with bands and their songs. It is what has gotten me through some hard times. Besides tattoos, music is my way to let it all go and express myself. I am grateful to have witnessed these bands and will never forget it!


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