Money is the Devil


Yup. I said it! Money is the absolute DEVIL!! I am so beyond over it!

In summary, 2013 was a horrible year …especially with our finances. Without boring you with the entire story, I’ll sum it up.

My husband and I had a roommate that started the financial waterfall of bullshit! He borrowed money and never paid it back, rear ended someone in my husbands car and never told us {we found out when the insurance company sent the claim to us} ..we bought him a cell phone he never paid us back for even though that was the agreement. There was just a whole slew of things. He moved out unexpected and unannounced and no matter how many times we tried, he never paid us back. We were even going to take him to court but we spoke to him and reached and agreement that he yet again …never fulfilled. All in all this put us around $5,000 in a hole.

From there it was an absolute domino affect. Bills started getting backed up and the shit pile kept getting higher. Then in June I was laid off. Which wasn’t so bad at the time because I got a 3 month severance and was positive I’d be all moved to Tennessee and able to find a new job far before that ran out. Wrong! Then 2 months after I was laid off, my husband was medically retired from the Marine Corps. So now all our bills were still behind and we were trying to get everything done on MAYBE 1/3 of the income. Yeah …not cool!

Well, at this point we are still super behind on everything. Thanks for our tax returns we still have a roof over our head and took care of a couple other little things. But the bill collectors are still calling and there is still no substantial income to try and get back on track. Luckily I start work in a week, making decent money, so that will be a nice change and hopefully we can budget it just right and get ourselves back on track.

But I’m sick of the bullshit money carries along with it ….

I’m sick of the arguments it starts.

I’m sick of the tears is causes.

I’m sick of the stress thats related to it.

I’m sick of the damn phone calls. I no longer feel like I have friends because I get calls from bill collectors way more than friends.

I’m sick of the mail being full of nothing but bills and collection letters.

I’m simply sick of it all! Money is an evil thing and I hate it. We are forced to work our asses off and spend so many hours away from our families in an attempt to make enough money to survive. Yet it’s still a struggle. They threaten to take your car away but then how do you get to work? It’s a vicious cycle and it’s disgusting! You can’t live your life to its absolute fullest because you have to work all day every day just to make ends meet. Of course the cost of living keeps going up but our pay checks sure dont. It’s just upsetting. I want to be able to take a nice vacation with my husband but there’s no way we can afford it! Even if we could, when I start work I wont be able to take any time off for awhile. UGH!!!! It’s just so frustrating! How do you balance it all?!

I’ve tried really hard to keep my cool and just do the best I can and I mean, I guess I’ve done alright. But this is not how I want things to be. It’s like we need money more than we need air and food …which is super since you need money to practically buy air and food!

I need to figure out this budgeting thing well enough that responsibilities are taken care of but me and my husband can still have a life. Sure we wont be going to Hawaii anytime soon. But having a nice dinner out now and then would be nice. I dont know. I’m just so frustrated. Today has been practically revolved around money and how much it sucks. So that’s all that I can think about. It’s sickening!

Someone help!


Thanks for being a part of my journey,




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