Yep, that’s annoying


There are a handful of things that push me into a fit of annoyed rage. I want to do nothing more than scream and throw my body on the floor while I kick and cry and throw an absolute 2 year olds temper tantrum. Flailing and all! 

1 — the fact that my computers battery just turned to red as my brain started rolling with ideas of what to write. You have absolutely got to be kidding me….. where the hell is my charger anyway ….

2 — finding my charger buried under stuff ..plugging it in just to discover I now need to unbury that damn thing because the other end somehow got unplugged. ey yie yie

3 — blinkers. Or should I say the lack there of. Ask my husband or anyone that’s ever driven with me really …..when people dont use their blinker I flip out. It drives me nuts. A blinker is not a difficult thing to use and when you use it I know where you’re planning on moving to which helps prevent a car accident. And if your lack of blinker usage causes me to wreck my brand new car …I may end up stabbing you with whatever part you’ve caused to fall off my car. Just saying.

4 — Our President.

5 — People who are rude for no reason. Now, I can be a very rude person sometimes. But I try my hardest not to take my personal stuff out on the innocent passerby. When I go into a store or something like that and an employee is outright rude for absolutely no reason it makes me want to show them my dark side. I’m sorry you’re not having a good day, in fact it may be the worst day of your life and for that I truly feel bad for you …but dont ruin my day. Trust me, life will run its courses and I’ll have my shitty day too. I do not need your assistance. Plus, you being a douche will only make me mad and therefore your day is about to get worse.

6 — People who complain on Facebook about things other people post or facebook trends {ex: cartoon pictures, games ect} I’m sorry if the things I enjoy annoy you. Ignore them. What do you want me to post on facebook? I mean really. What kinds of things are acceptable? So I wanted to share my delicious dinner with everyone. I’m sorry. So I wanted to show a funny picture I found. Laugh a little. So I’m having a bad day and want to share my feelings with my friends and family and get it off my back to help me relax. Try being supportive. Sure people should not post super personal stuff. People should not outright hate on someone or bash someone or call someone out. That’s personal stuff and that’s a form of cyber bullying. If you’re pissed at your husband/wife because they said something stupid or did something you dont like …talk to them about it. Dont make them look like a complete idiot on Facebook. It’s embarrassing and hurtful. However, if hubby trips and falls into a puddle of mud and is laughing about it and you snap a picture …sure share it for a laugh if he’s ok with it. I mean get real people. Its MY Facebook I’ll post whatever I want as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. {this needs to be a blog post of it’s own because I could keep going ……to be continued}

7 — Calling someone and them not answering even though you know they ALWAYS have their phone right in front of them. Dont you know I am what the world revolves around? :p Answer the phone jerk face!! Because if I text you right now and you respond to that but dont answer when I call …I’m going to throw a tantrum to put all other tantrums to shame. {other than the blinker tantrum. That ones the worst}

8 — McDonalds charging for sauces. Bitch! I just paid $8 for a hamburger …give me my sauce!!! You multi billion dollar greedy jackass!! I’m sure you can spare some sauce.

9 — Knowing what you want to wear but not being able to find it only to discover that either its dirty OR you’ve somehow lost part of it. On Valentines Day I was thinking all day about what I wanted to wear for dinner. Because I’ve gained weight I don’t feel comfortable in a lot of the clothes I have. So I FINALLY decided in my head what I wanted to wear. Welp, somehow I’ve lost one of my cute little jackets. I have no idea where the hell it went and it makes me mad. I was so excited to wear it. UGH How do clothes just disappear? Like socks in a drying …..there’s one very well dressed fairy or ghost someone that needs to STOP stealing my clothes. Jerk!!

10 — People who do not control their children. I dont feel like yelling at your 5 year old so please control them and make them stop acting like a little asshole. Just today I almost yelled at a child because my husband and I were walking around KMart trying to find birthday gifts for his daughter. Well this little boy {whos mother was standing 4 feel away} stood in the middle of the aisle with his hands up trying to tell us to stop and trying to tell us we could only walk on the right side of the aisle. I just kept walking as soon as we passed all I could say was kid I’ll walk wherever the fuck I want. I made sure it wasnt so he could hear me. He probably doesnt know how obnoxious he’s being. But his mother on the other hand needed a nice backhand. UGH Control your children or dont have any. My step daughter {obviously not even MY child} would not act like that ever! First her father wouldnt let her, but I wouldnt either. It’s called being the adult and taking responsibility for this little person. How else will they learn?

With that said, there is a handful of things that annoy me. I guess I wanted to write about this simply because I’m sick right now so everything is annoying. haha I try to make humor of it otherwise this stuff would absolutely drive me up a wall! 

What annoys you?


Thanks for being a part of my journey,



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