Photo Challenge: Abandoned


This is a photo I took of the USS Cassin Young. It is a destroyer ship that is now {as you can see} dry docked in Boston. It is docked right next to the famous Old Iron Sides. I had the honor of seeing, and boarding both ships during my vacation in Boston a couple years ago. There is so much history in these ships. It was almost eerie to be aboard them, yet completely amazing as well. 

Here is a link to some more information about the Cassin Young. It’s background and story. The USS Cassin Young was a part of WW2. Truly an amazing backgroung. 

I have to say though, one of the creepiest things to me is the bottom of a ship. Especially when dry docked. It’s so unnatural. But even when it is in water, it is still so creepy to me. Still absolutely beautiful however!

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