The Story of my Life


So as we all know tonight is the Oscars. Now I enjoy movies but I generally dont watch them until long after they were in the theaters. So watching the Oscars right now I’m as confused as can be because I have not seen any of these movies. In fact I haven’t even heard of most of them. Thank you TIVO for the lack of commercials …therefore the lack of movie previews. Anyway, to go with the theme of the Oscars and movies …I’ve decided to talk about who would play me in a movie about my life and what would it really be like?

I’ve thought about this a lot because it seems to be the age old question. But I really dont know who would play me…. can Katy Perry go into movies because that would be amazing. I try to think of people who look something like me …black hair …tattoos …edgy yet girly ….ugh this is hard!

Maybe Cameron Diaz with black hair

Or {I hate saying this} Kristin Stewart …only if she found a personality though

Sandra Bullock with black hair?

Anne Hathaway? She can be edgy and tattooed right?

Hell give Jennifer Lawrence some black hair and tattoos!

I really dont know. It’s a hard question. I am not normal or average! lol But honestly {other than Kristen Steward because I cant stand her, I’d be honored to have any of them play me in a movie about me}

I’ve always thought about writing a book on my life because I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life from sad things to happy things to powerful things. Death, struggle, depression, anxiety, dark times ….all the way to amazing friends and memories with them, parties, amazing family, vacations, a photo shoot, marriage ….a lot of great happy things. I’ve had a life that could teach a million lessons. And I’m only 28! I think a movie about my life would have to be a 3 hour long epic film to get it all in! haha But in reality I don’t know that all the lessons of my life and experiences could truly be put into a movie that’s only an hour and a half long. I could be wrong though. But that would be one hell of a roller coaster of a movie. You’d go from crying to laughing, to partying back to crying then some more laughing them some struggles and more partying them some lessons and more crying. I just dont even know. It would be chaos! 


What do I need to do to have a movie made about me? Come on now! Who’s up for a challenge? Then again maybe we should wait another 60 years so I can get all my life experiences done. Right now there’s only 28 years worth. But then it would have to be a LONG damn movie ….I’m talking at least 4 hours! haha I’d watch it!

Who would play you in a movie about your life??


Thanks for being a part of my journey,


2 thoughts on “The Story of my Life

  1. Yeah you’ve gotta stay on top of the buzz for oscar noms. This is the first year I’ve seen them all! And I love the thought of trying to live a life worthy of an oscar nom. I think maybe I would have James McAvoy play myself, although we look nothing alike. Thanks for sharing(:

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