Modern Technology has ruined me


Yep, it’s the truth! I hate modern technology. Now lets start by acknowledging that right now me and my husband are in financial hardship. This past year put us in a hole that I feel like we will never get out of. I am stressed to the absolute max. Well about a week ago our cable was turned off because we couldn’t pay the bill. Well, now we sit, with basic cable (no DVR) and I am absolutely losing it! Thank God we have hulu and netflix but still ….I have shows I watch every week and now I cant because I dont even know when they come on. Some of them are on at the same time.

This wasn’t an issue before because we had DVR. It’s seriously bothering me ..I’m angry, I’m irritated …it reminds me of how much money we don’t have. UGH!! I can’t handle this stress but I dont know what to do. Anyway, that whole issue is a book of it’s own.

So back to the point!

When the hell did I become the kind of person who gets upset over not having DVR? Or my cell phone. I can’t live without it. I could sit on my phone all day just hitting refresh on facebook even though nothing new is happening. It’s ridiculous. I watch tv and play games on my phone at the same time. It drives me nuts. But I rely on it. WHY!?!?!?

As a kid I always wanted to be outside. I wanted to be playing in the dirt, climbing trees or anything in that realm. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love those things but in the back of my mind I want to rip my hair out because I am going to miss American Idol or something ridiculous like that. And trust, I’ve already looked to see if my shows are on Hulu but most of them aren’t or at least it’s not the newest episodes… you know, the ones I’ve missed.

Now the company we have our basic cable through offers DVR …for about $40 more then we are paying now but I know that it’s not a logical thing for me to pay for right now. I was just in tears last night over debt and spend a good portion of today trying to talk to collectors and deal with it. Luckily the lady I talked to is helping me out. But that still leaves a lot of things not getting paid for and leaves me with next to nothing {if not nothing all together} once I get the monthly necessary bills taken care of.


How did we get here? and how the hell are we going to get out of it?

I am so sick of stressing over this crap.


Thanks for being a part of my journey,


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